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T & D Towing, LLC is presently compromised of three vessels, two offshore tugs and one inland tug. We have become diversified in order to provide various types of services needed in the marine industry. Some of T & D Towing's services include, but are not limited to, transporting bulk commodities along the Gulf Coast, providing services to the oil and gas industries, as well as dredging and construction industries. Our area of operation is the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, the Eastern Seaboard, and inland on the ICW from Texas to Florida and Western Rivers including the Upper and Lower Mississippi River, Arkansas River, Ohio River, Tennessee River as well as the Atchafalaya River, Red River and Ouachita River.


T & D Towing, LLC operates under a Towing Management Safety System. The Objective of the TSMS is to remain in compliance with the current Sub-chapter M regulations concerning towing vessels.


We are in the forefront of all rule, regulations, applicable codes, guidelines, and standards required by Sub-chapter M and continue to cooperate with the Coast Guard.


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